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Incident at Polar Ice House: I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for triaging my son's cuts today! You have a healing touch! I know it would have been worse if you did not happen to be there at the right time and place. You stopped his bleeding and calmed him down! Amazing!  He continued to stay calm during emergency.

Anonymous, Mother of 5yr old boy that had his hand run over by an ice skate

Thank you for helping my patient and providing healing touch and reflexology with your nursing back ground. All she could say was you have God given talents. I second that.

Elizabeth Penny, Occupational Therapist WakeMed Hospital Raleigh

I received two session of Healing Touch from Lauren, one in person and one remotely, and they were both powerful experiences.  During the in-person session, I felt a wonderful feeling of relaxation whilst being aware of what I can only describe as "busy" energy that seemed to be buzzing around my body.  Afterward, I felt really calm, balanced and refreshed.  The remote session was just as intense, only this time I lost track of time and fell into a deep relaxation.  After the session, I felt much more grounded than before and could feel that there had been a energetic shift in my body.  Lauren was wonderful to work with and I always felt like I was in safe and knowledgeable hands

Angela McGill, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ownder of The Sagewood Center

I was lucky enough to know Lauren when my life was turned upside down by a diagnosis of cancer.  I am a chiropractor and very holistic in my approach to health and wellness.  Having to surrender my body to medical treatments was very difficult.  Lauren was my lifeline.  My Healing Touch sessions were the reason that I was able to come through my treatments so well.  She centered me when my world seemed to be flying out of control.  She helped my body and my mind focus on healing instead of illness.  Thank you Lauren.

Anonymous, Chiropractor

After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was extremely fortunate to have several Healing Touch distance sessions with Lauren Mayr.  At the beginning of chemo, I would experience violent heart pounding, nausea and dehydration with the problems worsening in the evening.  During an especially horrific episode, Lauren began a treatment addressing the specific symptoms I had shared with her.  Just as I crawled into bed, not knowing whether I would be able to tolerate the misery, I felt a huge release of pain and tension from my hands.  Almost at once I fell asleep, slept peacefully and awoke much stronger the next morning.  This session was onl yone example of her effectiveness.  Shas been a valuable resource and enormous help to me for the past 6 months.  Lauren also provided many practical suggestions to support my progress through chemo as well as moral support.  I belive I owe a lot to my new-found stamina and blossoming recovering to Lauren Mayr & Healing Touch!"  

Liz Dronzek, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner

When my wife was in hospice care at home, Lauren visited us with the healing support of her touch and customized essential oil therapies. These visits gave us both peace and a sense of well-being, even as my wife was living her last days. Lauren again helped me find calm in the week after, so that I could be fully present to the love our community shared during the celebration of my wife's life. I am ever grateful to Lauren's presence during this time of transition.